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Pats Photography in Prints

After the pandemic and resuming face to face judging in my local federations, some clubs weren't able to have enough prints to fill their evening and I was asked to bring along some of my prints and do a short presentation. 

I have now modified and expanded my talk and can now also offer a presentation for a whole club evening.

The prints I show cover my photography from first entering club competitions as a complete novice to where I am now. A wide variety of genre with hints and tips on processing/printing/mounting etc with a splash of humour


Old Coulsdon Camera Club

Excellent talk from Pat who showed a vast array of her own excellent prints. She described her early mistakes and later successes giving insight into how judges assess photos. She gave lots of tips about how to mount and display photo to best advantage and described how some were post processed to produce creative results. Would highly recommend and entertaining evening.

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