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A good day in London with my friend Peter. Just under 20,000 steps walking from Camden to Kings Cross, then to Soho/Piccadilly from Tottenham Crt Rd. Not many people about, I expect that will all change next week when the shops open. I have a cheap screw on ND filter for one of my lenses which is so much handier than carrying my Lee filters around so I popped that on to do some ICM on an installation at Kings Cross.

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I do enjoy putting panels together. Thinking about the flow as the viewer looks from one image to another, a story, complimentary backgrounds/presentation. Old Coulsdon had their panel of 3 competition last week. 45+ entries in total. Of my 5 panels, 4 were held back to the end. Three of which were awarded certificates and this is the panel selected as the winner- Atrocities of War. The individual images are not the best quality as shot through glass whilst trying to be sensitive as possible using my camera during a guided tour of Auschwitz. A strong message - Atrocities of war continue today

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What I enjoy about nature photography is finding it myself - butterflies, insects and bugs to fungi and wild orchids etc as opposed to going to a zoo or organised safari. 5 images entered into this weeks competition at Old Coulsdon Camera club. There are some expert Natural History photographers so I was surprised to have 2 images held back to the end with one gaining an Highly Commended. I love snowdrops, they are so small and delicate and the first flowers of the year. How lucky to capture a tiny fly on the end.

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